Hi there. I am Aleksejs Popovs.
Who am I and what do I do?

I was born on March 9th, 1998 in Riga, Latvia.

I am currently (2013–2016) a student at Riga State Gymnasium #1, where I will start my IB Diploma studies in September 2014. Before, I've been a student at Riga Secondary School #10 (2008–2013) and Riga Rinuzi Secondary School (2004–2008).

Russian is my native language, but I speak English and Latvian as well.

I'm knee-deep in studies right now, but I'm also trying to find time for open-source programming projects and practice for the International Olympiad in Informatics. When I have some free time (which doesn't happen very often, but still), I usually do something related to what's listed below, under “What do I like?”.

What do I like?
  • computer science & mathematics
    • cryptography
    • data structures
    • number theory
    • computability
  • linguistics
  • competitive programming
  • free & open-source software
  • videogame development
  • board games
    • Go
  • typography
  • progressive rock (and other music)
How can you reach me? (entries listed in non-ascending order of preference)

You can add me to your contacts by using my vCard or this QR code.

If you want to send me sensitive information, please use encrypted email. My PGP key fingerprint is 5DD3F8BA, and the key is available here, on my school's server, and on public keyservers, such as pgp.mit.edu. When sending encrypted emails, please do not forget to include your public key.

What have I achieved?
  • got
    • two bronze medals at IOI
    • some medals at BOI
      • a bronze one at BOI 2013
      • a silver one at BOI 2012
    • an Honourable Mention at IOL
    • gold medals at Latvian nationals (LIO, LMO, LAMO) in several years
  • wrote some open-source stuff
  • some contest rating on CodeForces